Saturday, November 11, 2017

A devotional on landmarks.

Today's devo is brought to you by... landmarks.

Landmarks define boundaries and property lines. They also identify memorials, mark where trails begin and end, or even comprise old buildings.

I used to think this verse pertained to boundary markers. And it can, as it's a sin to move a boundary mark so that your property is larger. 

But the word here is 'remove', not 'move'. This morning this verse reminded me of a discussion last night in small group. The conversation brushed past the 12 river rocks Joshua had Israel pull out of the Jordan, and stack up in a kind of cairn, or memorial.

These stones were not small, they were large rounded river rocks, each weighing probably several hundred pounds. 

Joshua had them piled up out of the flood zone of the Jordan, so that the river could never wash them away, and their purpose was to remind Israel that God had parted the Jordan for them. It was a visual reminder of a bygone event.

Whenever a passer by would see these stones stacked on one another, they would know it was unnatural, and they might ask, why are these like this? And a local or a parent could and should respond with the story of how God acted on their behalf.

God WANTS us to remember the times past when He delivered us. From joblessness, from addiction. From an illness. From an enemy. It reminds us of His faithfulness, His goodness. His protective father love.

You see, it's an even bigger sin to remove an ancient landmark like that, to remove the reminders of who God is. Of what He's done. And that's a sin against not only Him but all those who could be brought to Him by the reminders of His character.

It might be a good family practice to set up a physical memorial when God delivers you from something, or provides miraculously. Plant a tree. Raise an Ebenezer. Give God glory. Make a mark. So that when your grandkids or neighbors ask what it means, you can Give God the Glory for what He's done, in YOUR life.